Unveiled: The eLusefor's Innovation

Discover the secret behind eLusefor's revolutionary finger design

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Beyond Comfort, Into Sensation

Embrace the Whispering Palms

Feel the seamless touch with our no-weak point design. Your hands, unbound, sense every detail.

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Minimalism Meets Versatility

Unleash with Dexterous Embrace

Embrace enhanced dexterity with our minimalist design. Feel the freedom of natural movement, almost like bare hands. Maximum agility, zero restrictions.

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Confidence in Every Task

Wear the Empowerment Sheath

Every task, empowered. Our gloves blend comfort and dexterity for unparalleled confidence.

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2Way TouchScreen

ClickPoint- touch on joints

Whole Palm Hypersensitive Touch

Double the Comfort

Comfort Redefined

Triple the Dexterity

Dexterity Unleashed


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Let's Connect: Your Touch, Our Passion

At eLusefor, every handshake, every gesture, every touch matters to us. We're here to listen, assist, and evolve with your feedback and ideas. Whether you have questions about our revolutionary gloves, need support, or want to share your experiences, our team is eager to connect with you.

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