Our Story

Modern consumable technology has made our everyday lives convenient. But it also puts a responsibility on us to THINK about how we consume disposable electronics:

With the invention of the smartphone, two huge industries emerged; POWER BANKS and CHARGING CABLES. Over the life of an iPhone the average user disposes 2-3 power banks, 5-10 cables (between portable and outlet charging), and several charging blocks...

Cheap and short lived iPhone accessories and other disposable electronics fill up landfills with over a billion tons of trash every single year. We cannot magically change that — as people need those products — but we can design SMARTER products to bring down the unbelievable wastage to a more sensible level.

We don’t just design products, we design user experiences...

In 2018, White and Joanna founded eLusefor with the purpose to design and produce everyday products in a DIFFERENT way. So we think about how you will carry, pack and use the product, to MAXIMIZE the use you get from it and MINIMIZE the waste.

Get more out of your consumable electronics and accessories.

The idea behind Adam, our power bank design, was to reduce the mess of entangled cables you have to carry to keep your iPhone charged. Adam uses a reversible cable design that lets you charge your iPhones, bluetooth devices, and the power bank itself all from ONE cable. — If one cable can do the job, why use two?

Every bit counts...

One of the worst contributors to trash production is the packaging of consumer electronics and accessories. So we pay as careful attention to our packaging design, as we do to our products themselves, to bring down our environmental footprint.

Our power bank, Adam, comes with a real wallet, and our portable light design comes with a reusable carry box instead of a paper or plastic cover. These accessories are designed to be VERSATILE and USEFUL with their original partner or by themselves — eliminating the need to throw them away after your charger or light has served its purpose.

We hope you appreciate our efforts, and will help us, help the world to reduce trash by choosing conscious electronics and accessories from our web shop or Amazon.com.

eLusefor — Designed for maximum use and minimal waste!