ControllerUltra: Feel More Details, Make You Work It Better

The ultimate work gloves for every professional fields. Elusefor brings you the comfort and durability you need to make life easier at work. 


At eLusefor, we recognize the significance of every detail in work and life. Our gloves  are thoughtfully designed to excel in the most challenging tasks, serving as your reliable companions in demanding fields such as construction sites and mechanical workshops, as well as meeting your everyday life needs.

Our work gloves epitomize the perfect blend of durability, convient and comfort, in perfect harmony with our brand philosophy – to 'Make Life Easier' for all our esteemed customers.



Unlike other gloves, we've chosen a simpler approach. We've discarded any cumbersome designs like silicone padding, cushioned blocks, and excess stitching that obstruct tactile operation and damage the glove material.

Welcome to our 'ControllerUltra' Work Glove Series, where we aim to provide convenient and practical companions for your daily tasks. With unwavering dedication, we've carefully chosen synthetic fabrics designed for outstanding performance. These materials form the foundation of the 'ControllerUltra' Glove Series.

Instead, we've opted for a  stitching method on a whole piece of leather, ensuring that every pair of gloves offers unparalleled comfort, protection, flexibility, and an extended lifespan. It carries our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and a reliable promise to Make Life Easier for everyone who wears them.


Features & Benefits

Maintain Comfort, Safe All Times

0.8mm thick durable leather shields your palms from sharp piercing and abrasions. The 2mm 3D air-insert structure provides a distinctive textured surface, balancing moisture absorption and breathability to prevent discomfort and sweaty hands. Ensure your hands stay within the human comfort temperature range of 43°F to 95°F in various weather conditions.

We using a boat-shaped construction, ensuring a snug and secure wrap around the entire palm for the best protecting.  


Every order comes with a hanging carabiner clip. Carry it with you, convenient for easy access and storage.

Protecting your hands & tackling any task with confidence in your lifetime.


Feel More Details Like Never Before

Seamless fingertip design eliminating any uncomfortable seams that might interfere with your grip or control. Crafted with ultimate ergonomic design, provide a flexibility that mimics the sensation of working with bare hands. Whether it's heavy industrial work, precision tasks, or DIY light engineering, they can all be perfectly handled. No more struggling to pick up tiny screws with gloves on.

Offer enhanced detail perception, greater control, and heightened efficiency.


Cutting-edge Touch Tech

Palm fully conductive leather touch screen design, offering exceptional sensitivity. Whether you're capturing breathtaking views on the mountain peak or searching for your subject with a camera in the dark of night, it responds perfectly to your touch.

Precision tactile feedback design, feel like second-skin, responding to your every move.

Even when you're busy, no need to remove your gloves to swipe screens & stay connected.


Personalized Velcro Badge Design

You can customize your unique look with a variety of Velcro Badge styles that adhere to the backhand. Enrich color to your daily work and life.

*Styles Available:

①Luminous Square Badge: 3 * 3 cm (L * W)  (*Not Customizable)

②Customizable Square Badge: 3 * 3 cm (L * W)   (*Not Luminous)

③Customizable Landscape Badge: 4.5 * 3 cm (L * W)  (*Not Luminous)


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