ControllerBasic Work Safety Gloves - Lightweight Dexterity Mechanic Working Gloves for Men, Perfect for Light Duty Works, Yellow

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• Palm Material: Synthetic Leather
• Back Material: 2mm Breathable Air Layer
• Closure Type: BadgeFlex Velcro (Only BadgeFlex can hold Badges)
• TouchScreen Type: Knuckles ClickPoint

Size: X-Small
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Controller Basic Work Gloves

Lightweight Dexterity

Experience unparalleled comfort with eLusefor ergonomic safety work gloves, specifically designed for precise, light-duty tasks. The anti-friction suede palm gives them a very firm grip. The wrist length is thoughtfully designed to not obstruct your watch, ensuring you can keep track of time or manage smartwatch notifications effortlessly, providing a perfect fit even for smaller hands.